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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

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Atomic 2014/2015 REDSTER JR II + XTE 045 Bindings
$169.95 - $199.95 $199.95 Up To 15% Savings
With a World Cup pedigree, the Atomic Redster JR II is an awesome ski for the super keen. With Bend-X Technology, young fans of Mikaela and Marcel can make controlled turns even earlier, because the special flex zone in the binding area allows the ski to bend with less effort. Add to that a Race Rocker and V-shape design and turning is super easy – no matter how light the skier. The Redster JR II models are wider and the camber is more pronounced than the JR I, while the exact shape is precisely tailored to each ski length. Includes XTE 045 Bindings. LENGTH (CM) 100 110 120 TIP WIDTH (MM) 101 105 108 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 66 67 68 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 82.5 86 89 RADIUS (M) 7 8 9
Atomic 2014/2015 VANTAGE GIRL II + XTE 045 Bindings
$189.95 $229.00 17% Savings
On or off piste, the Atomic Vantage Girl II ski makes progressing super fun. Bend-X Technology lets young all-rounders make controlled turns effortlessly: the special flex zone in the binding area allows young girls to bend the ski easily for full contact with the snow at all times, whatever their weight. The Vantage Girl II models are a little wider than the Vantage Girl I, with a little more V-shape and camber that are precisely tailored to the respective length of the ski, so every young skier gets exactly the right ski for them. Includes XTE 045 bindings. LENGTH (CM) 100 110 120 TIP WIDTH (MM) 101 105 108 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 66 67 68 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 82.5 86 89 RADIUS (M) 7 8 9
Atomic 2014/2015 VANTAGE GIRL III + XTE 7 Bindings
$199.95 $249.00 20% Savings
The new Vantage Girl III is Atomic's super versatile all-mountain ski for girls. It has a Piste Rocker for smooth, easy turns, while the camber provides precision grip where it’s needed. For the first time this year they’ve also incorporated Bend-X Technology into the Vantage Girl III – a special flex zone that allows even the lightest skiers to bend their ski making turns easier and more powerful. The dimensions of the Vantage Girl ski adapts as length increases. So the Vantage Girl III has a little more waist width, V-shape and camber than the others to support the progression of growing skiers. It’s fast, durable, fun – built for girls who like to show the boys exactly how it’s done. Includes XTE 7 bindings. LENGTH (CM) 130 140 150 TIP WIDTH (MM) 111.5 114 116.5 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 69 70 71 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 93 96 99 RADIUS (M) 10 11 12
Atomic 2014/2015 REDSTER FIS JR + XTL7
$289.95 $359.95 19% Savings
For all young flyers, the new Atomic Redster FIS XT JR is the ideal ski to develop race technique. It’s Atomic's shortest Redster FIS ski, inspired by their adults’ Redster Doubledeck 3.0 XT and designed to take their racing to the next level. It features Atomic's new junior race geometry that guarantees quick and easy turn initiation, and offers precise control, specifically for juniors. Halfway between a slalom and giant slalom ski, there’s no better choice for youngsters who’ve caught the racing bug. Includes XTL 7 Jr bindings. FEATURES SEGMENT: FIS RACE GENDER: JUNIOR TECHNOLOGY: ACTIVE CAMBER CORE CONSTRUCTION: CHASSIS: XTL 7 JUNIOR FIS RULE: FIS RULE JUNIOR JR LIGHTRAK TIP TO TAIL WOODCORE DIMENSIONS LENGTH (CM) 123 116 TIP WIDTH (MM) 105.5 104 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 64 64 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 86.5 84.5 RADIUS (M) 9.7 9
Atomic 2014/2015 REDSTER FIS GS JR LTJ + XTL10 Bindings
$319.95 - $389.95 $389.95 Up To 18% Savings
The revamped Atomic Redster FIS GS JR is a powerful Giant Slalom ski for juniors who want the edge on their competitors. Fulfilling the latest FIS rules, Atomic has redesigned the shovel, tail and cap radius and increased the V-shape to create a geometry that enhances handling specifically for juniors. With its Woodcore, titanium inserts and Powercore Cap construction, this smooth race ski boasts a well-balanced flex and ensures direct power transfer to the course. Racers can count on reliable edge grip, while the waist and shape optimize fast edge switching. The Redster FIS GS JR is available in the FIS lengths 131 to 166 cm. It delivers precision, power, and speed for the professional racers of tomorrow. Includes XTL10 bindings. LENGTH (CM) 145 138 131 TIP WIDTH (MM) 104 102.5 100.5 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 65 65 64 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 84.5 83 81 RADIUS (M) 15 14.3 13.9
Atomic 2014/2015 REDSTER FIS SL W
$429.95 - $529.95 $529.95 Up To 19% Savings
The revamped Atomic Redster FIS SL Women ski is a thoroughbred racer – with a new durable, lightning-quick ‘Crystal Race Base’ that Marcel Hirscher has used successfully on his own World Cup skis. The Cap sandwich construction – with high-grade Woodcore and titanium inserts – gives the Redster FIS SL Women its harmonious flex and transfers energy to the edge for super strong grip. The waist and length of the ski facilitates instant carving and maximizes agility for ultra-fast edge switching. Two coatings below the binding minimize mechanical abrasion. With two lengths to choose from, the Redster FIS SL is the ultimate for female World Cup, European Cup, FIS and Masters Slalom racers. Includes bindings. FEATURES SEGMENT: FIS RACE GENDER: WOMEN TECHNOLOGY: ACTIVE CAMBER CORE CONSTRUCTION: CHASSIS: X BINDING FIS RULE: FIS NORM SL X RACE TIP TO TAIL WOODCORE BASE INSERTS DIMENSIONS LENGTH (CM) 158 155 TIP WIDTH (MM) 113 112.5 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 65.6 65.7 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 98 97.5 RADIUS (M) 12.7 12.3
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