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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

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Atomic Backland BC Mini Skis
There comes a time in every young shredders life where they need to step into a ski that can actually keep up with Mom and Dad in the fluffy stuff. Let the powder hound in them loose with the Atomic Backland BC Mini Skis - the rockered tip and tail and 90 mm waist width are the perfect combination of float and downday fun versatility. Get 'em a setup that wants to play as much as they do with the Atomic Backland BC Mini Skis.
Line Skis Sir Francis Bacon Shorty
The Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty Skis are a great way to meet the needs of vertically challenged pow rippers. Using the same Eric Pollard design as the adult SFBs but with a durable Fibercap construction and Aspen wood core instead, the SFB Shorty uses Line's Early Rise™ in the tip and tail for easier turn initiation and effortless float in the soft stuff. A full twin tip and symmetrical flex complete the setup for a nimble, playful and floaty setup gnarly groms can tip and dip with confidence!
Armada Triple J
The next generation of powder-loving, freeride rippers deserves a ski that won't hold them back, which is precisely why the Armada Triple J Skis came to fruition. Matching the footprint of their ever-popular big brother (the JJ 2.0s), these skis give growing riders a weapon they can take full advantage of on powder days, from cliff-dropping confidence to bombing blower, all with a huge grin on their face.
Atomic Backland FR 109 W
A balance of white room capability with a "go anywhere," big-mountain attitude. The Atomic Backland FR 109 W Skis feature HRZN technology that adds a 10% increase in surface area resulting in a lighter tip with better float in the deep and improved tracking through chunder. Combine that extra float with a powder rocker at the tip and tail and the Backland FR 109s are true soft snow demolishers. For a perfect blend of big-mountain power and powder boat fun, the Atomic Backland FR 109 W Skis have got your freeride and backcountry needs covered and then some.
The widest women’s ski in the K2 collection, the Remedy 112 has an All Terrain Rocker and lightweight Bioflex core that provide a smooth and surfy ride on those deep days that are almost too good to be true. You might wake up the next morning wondering if it really happened, but the Remedy 112 will be waiting for the next opportunity you take to get away from the noise and drink deep from the pow of life. Radius: 18m @169 Construction: Bioflex Core Binding Options: Flat Features: Triaxial Braided | Tapered Tip & Tail | Swap Base | TwinTech Sidewalls Baseline: Powder Rocker Skin Type: Trim-to-Fit Dimensions: 135/112/130 Sizes Offered: 169, 179
Armada ARV 116 JJ
The third generation of the cult-classic JJ has arrived by way of the Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis! How do you improve on what's already one of the most prolific powder skis in the game? A culmination of feedback from the first 2 iterations of JJs has led Armada to move the contact point behind the ski's widest point in order to create more consistent turn initiation in deep snow. What's more, they've also implemented a new 3D base technology called Smear Tech that delivers the smoothest, most surf-like experience yet. Whether you're looking for dedicated pow sticks or you're bringing a freestyle approach to bigger, natural terrain, the revamped Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis will undoubtedly bring some mad, mad steeze to your snow sliding endeavors!
Armada JJ 2.0
Send those cat track jumps, dive into your hidden pillow stash, and open it up on the bigger faces on the Armada JJ 2.0 Skis. The ski that cemented Armada as a major player in the field of freestyle pow skis is back yet again with a 117 mm waist (at 185 cm length), its signature aggressive taper, and tight turning radius. Air things out, charge fast in deep snow, and turn the whole mountain into your terrain park on the Armada JJ 2.0 Skis. Plus they've got a llama scrawled across the topsheet, which is pretty rad!
Armada VJJ 2.0
Whether you're playing in the soft stuff or skiing a mixed bag line from summit to base camp,, you'll be miles ahead of the competition with the Armada VJJ 2.0 Skis in your quiver. Featuring rockered tips and tails with positive camber underfoot, the Armada VJJ 2.0 Skis create just the ride amount of float on powder days, while still holding an edge on-piste. Add in an ultralight wood core for added maneuverability and Armada s patented 5 dimensional sidecut and you've got yourself one of the hardest charging women's skis in the game.
Atomic Backland FR 117
The Atomic Backland FR 117 Skis are giants refined for big mountain crushing. Reliable Step Down sidewalls keep the grip high, even when conditions get dicey, while the deep-day tuned Powder rocker profile combines with HRZN tech for the best in float and tracking. The lightweight wood core has gobs of power and pop; and is backed by a weight saving, full length carbon insert for stability at speed. Click into the Atomic Backland FR 117 Skis and enjoy the ride.
K2 Catamaran
The K2 Catamaran Skis - an all-new asym twin that transcends the sport and conjures feelings of surf and sea when you're waist deep in chowda! Truly unique, this powder-centric ski takes the proven Marksman design and boosts it to the next level for backcountry booters and 30" days alike, making soft-snow navigation a breeze. Their flex profile features soft, playful rockered tips and tails combined with a stiffer platform underfoot for solid stomps and hard snow control. Grab the K2 Catamaran Skis and set sail on your white room adventure!
Flounder no more – devour hills of bottomless powder with the K2 Pettitor – Sean Pettit Pro Model. The man himself designed the Pettitor so that you can be the man yourself on one of the most well-rounded big mountain twins the market has to offer. This pow-slayer combines K2’s Powder Rocker in both the tip and tail for excellent floatation with adequate camber underfoot for true performance versatility. Radius: 22m @ 179 Construction: Fir-Aspen Core Binding Options: Flat Features: Twintech Sidewalls | Swap Base | Tapered Tip & Tail | Triaxial Braided Baseline: Powder Rocker Dimensions: 147/120/141 Sizes Offered: 169, 179, 189
Line Skis Sick Day 110
In three short years of life, the LINE Sick Day has become one of the most awarded ski shapes in the world. Taste the remedy for yourself, and your boss might just never see you again. The Sick Day 110 is the Jeff Curry-inspired crowd favorite for conquering the slack country, backcountry, and hardpack. Let this ski’s lively aspen and tough maple core composite carry you from first bell to last call, or take it out of bounds to taste what LINE pro Andrew Whiteford calls the “perfect combination”: lightweight for slogs and boot packs, and able to hard-charge the steepest lines.
Line Skis Supernatural 108
The Supernatural 108 will arm you with all of the powder-slaying powers you’ve dreamt of, and then some. To the natural, fantastic balance of float and stability that wider skis offer and a 108mm chassis that lets you ski first chair to last call in all conditions, we’ve added vibration-absorbing Shockwall™ sidewalls for extra-smooth sailing. The LINE Supernatural 108 is Andrew Whiteford’s answer to your need for speed and control on both hardpack and powder.
Armada Magic J
If you haven't heard of Tanner Hall then stop everything you're doing and enlighten yourself. Crafted as the world's most premier powder slayers, the Armada Magic J Skis shred the deepest of the deeps and the steepest of the steeps on the realest of real mountains. To facilitate steering, the Magic J Skis feature Freeride Elf Shoe Technology, bringing the widest points of the ski back from the tips and tails. Not only does this make these 127mm behemoths pleasantly maneuverable in tight situations, but it also makes soft snow turns extra smooth and surfy. Experience powder skiing in a whole new light and rule the white room like a lion with the highly touted Armada Magic J Skis
Armada Tracer 108
Take the love child of the Kufo 108 and the Norwalk, add serious design upgrades, and you get an impressively light build that's built for hard-charging in off-piste conditions. Blurring the lines between big mountain freeride and alpine touring, the Armada Tracer 108 Skis leave little to be desired on the downhill, fit for an everyday quiver of one or that mid-winter touring ski setup you've been dreaming up. Relatively stiff in flex with a versatile EST Freeride Rocker line and fast, easy to maintain Comp bases, the Armada Tracer 108 Skis were built for the new-age freerider.
Atomic Backland Bent Chetler
Step into the Atomic Backland Bent Chetler Skis on a pow day and you'll know the true meaning of living in a gangster's paradise. Massive 30% tip and tail rocker combine with HRZN technology for supreme float, butter-ability and playfulness in pow. Built with a light woodcore and carbon backbone for easy-ridin' pop and stability at speed, the Backland Bent Chetler excels on backcountry booters, pillow sessions and top to bottom white room laps. For unparalleled pow performance, strap up with the Atomic Backland Bent Chetler Skis and let 'er buck.
Line Skis Mordecai
There's more to the Line Skis Mordecai Skis than meets the eye. With their 114mm waist width, the Mordecai's can slash pow with the best of 'em. But what really shines is their completely symmetrical flex for swashbucklin' good times ridin' forward or switch. An Eric Pollard classic that straddles the line between all-mountain jibber and powder blaster if you're out west and full on deep day ski out east, the Mordecai is a lively, surfy ski that'll turn the mountain into your own personal playground.
Line Skis Supernatural 115
The widest in our staple Supernatural collection, the LINE Supernatural 115 will graciously gobble up everything Mother Nature has to offer – and then come back asking for seconds! We’ve paired the best features of LINE geometry with a resilient aspen core and solid, power-packed maple stringers that will give back every ounce of energy you put into this ski. Andrew Whiteford, LINE pro, has helped streamline the Supernatural 115’s already award-winning ride to unlock more funner skiing all over the mountain this season.
Salomon QST 118
While some might bemoan the death of the ever-popular Rocker2 122, the Salomon QST 118 Skis represent the pinnacle of powder skiing development. With Koroyd tips and tails for a lower swing weight, and Twin Rocker technology, the QST 118s will be your weapon of choice when conditions are all-time. But don't think these behemoths can't hang on the hardpack either; CFX Superfiber (it's French for carbon and flax mixed together), and a Titanal spine combine for a torsionally stiff ride that rails hardpack and windbuff with ease. Snag the Salomon QST 118 Skis and enjoy one tool for a variety of freeriding.
Armada Tracer 118 CHX
Brand spanking new for the 2017/2018 season, we introduce the Armada Tracer 118 CHX Skis! Ushering in a new wave of big mountain performance, these skis offer a similar outline to the ever popular JJ but are stiffer and more directionally inclined, a setup aggressive, hard-charging skiers will rightfully covet. Under the hood, the Tracer 118 CHX boasts a slew of cutting edge tech -- from Titanal binding reinforcement to Armada s Xrystal Mesh layup and a Hybrid Ultra-Lite core. Combined, these materials provide the Armada Tracer 118 CHX Skis with a smooth yet remarkably weight-efficient ride you can lay some serious smackdown with.
K2 Pinnacle 118
You're a powder player, huh? Step into the world of the K2 Pinnacle 118 Skis and blast off. Built to handle biggest, baddest terrain and the deepest days of the year, the Pinnacle 118s and their triple-threat Fir/Aspen/Maple core is complemented by responsive carbon at the tip and tail contact points for a powerful and stable ride that can drift blower and rail ice with the best of 'em.
Line Skis Magnum Opus
The Magnum Opus rises above all powder skis with award-winning, intuitive edge-to-edge precision and impossibly lightweight performance brought to you by LINE pro Eric Pollard. The Opus is playful yet stable, with all-new bamboo sidewalls this season which add greater durability and dampness to your ride. With Pollard’s hunger for more funner skiing and 15 years of industry-leading powder ski innovation to back it up, the LINE Magnum Opus just keeps on singing.
Line Skis Moredecai
The Mordecai – meaning, “warrior,” of course – is LINE pro Eric Pollard’s wider all terrain ski that’s prepared to slash, butter, and smear any and every feature the mountain lays before you. This is the predecessor of Mr. Pollard’s award-winning Opus ski. Nimble and playful through pow and crud alike, with an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, the LINE Mordecai’s Symmetric Flex™ and lightweight Partly Cloudy Core™ platform is your tool for all manners of all-mountain mayhem. “The Mordecai is an extension of my drive for a better ski.” – Eric Pollard
Rossignol Super 7 HD
Super powerful, with the ability to blast through bottomless powder with ease are just a few of the traits the Rossignol Super 7 HD Skis share with the Man of Steel. With their killer combination of Paulownia wood and Carbon Alloy Matrix, these lightweight, easy-riding skis don't shirk from high speed exits or mandatory airs, either. For 2018, Rossignol introduces a new Air Tip 2.0 design, which helps distribute energy and power throughout the entire ski while further decreasing swing weight. Always at the cutting edge, Rossignol continues to push the best-selling Super 7s into legendary status, and the 17/18 is no exception!
Rossignol Super 7 RD
Need a burly big mountain charger that has a bit more 'umph' then the ever popular Super 7 HD? Then the Rossignol Super 7 RD Skis are your ticket to ride! Featuring a stiffer Race Department ("RD") layup and a much larger turn radius, the Super 7 RD skis like a dream on those steep, open bowls offering incredible stability at high speeds and on big landings. Offered exclusively in a 190 cm length, the only question that remains is whether or not you can handle these hogs. Click into the Rossignol Super 7 RD Skis and discover a whole new world of freeride potential.
Line Skis Pescado By Eric Pollard
/pesk.’ – A fish that’s been caught. LINE athlete Eric Pollard has been tracking the Pescado for years, and he’s finally ready to dish it out this season. A directional, surfy ski with bamboo sidewalls, Partly Cloudy Core™, and a veneer topsheet with a timeless graphic, the LINE Pescado fuses the best of surfing, art, and skiing with an innovative fish shape and swallow tail that’ll carve deeper and float faster. “The Pescado, much like the Magnum Opus, is the culmination of years of hard work with LINE and myself.” – Eric Pollard
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