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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

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Atomic Punx Jr II
Future rippers of the universe unite, jump on the Atomic Punx Jr II Skis, and take control of the slopes! Light, forgiving and born to pop and turn, the Punx Jr II are the perfect skis for young skiers destined for freestyle glory.
Armada ARV 84
$249.95 $299.95 17% Savings
In effort to propel the up and coming generation of shredders, we introduce the tweener-sized Armada ARV 84 Skis. Leveraging the same versatile footprint that's made the full-size ARV collection such a smashing success, these ARV 84 Skis are a nearly fool-proof choice for young skiers looking to expand their horizons all across the mountain. Made with a cap construction for durability and ultra-light swing weight for easier turn initiation and spins, it's truly tough to go wrong with the Armada ARV 84 Skis. Would work great for shorter beginner to intermediate adults, too!
Atomic Punx Jr III Skis
Future rippers of the universe unite, jump on the Atomic Punx Jr III Skis, and take control of the slopes! Light, forgiving and born to pop and turn, the Punx Jr III are the perfect skis for young skiers destined for freestyle glory.
Line Skis Gizmo
Your excitable little shredder needs a pair of skis that matches their gusto like the Line Skis Gizmo Skis. Twin-tipped with a symmetric Flex™ and light yet damp Aspen wood core, they'll be able to ski forward and switch with ease while learning solid mechanics thanks to a fully cambered mid-section and an intuitive 5-Cut™ sidecut.
K2 Poacher Jr. - Boys
Capable of bopping through the park, popping off side hits and speeding over corduroy, the freestyle-savvy K2 Poacher Jr. Skis are as versatile and excitable as he is. Set up with a damp and smooth flexing aspen core and durable cap construction, your kiddo is in good hands with this playful set of skis.
Line Skis Honey Bee
$289.95 $349.95 17% Savings
The answer to your all-mountain freestyle needs, the Line Honey Bee Skis were built on the Honey Badger chassis to fill the need for a lady's playful and park friendly setup. Tough as nails and crafted with affordability in mind, these skis are great for ladies looking to stick to one pair of skis wherever they go on the mountain. The Aspenlite core is light and full of pop while the 92mm waist means these skis can handle hardpack, powder and the terrain park with ease. Get your buzz on with the Line Skis Honey Bee Skis!
Line Skis Tigersnake
$289.95 $349.95 17% Savings
The Line Skis Tigersnake Skis may look intimidating, but it's mostly for show. These freestyle-friendly skis are ultra-accessible and easy to ride, perfect for progressing riders and seasoned vets alike. At 88 underfoot, they're slick as a serpent - quick to edge and a blast on rails, boxes and kickers alike. Light and nimble thanks to an Aspenlite™ core for enhanced dampness and responsiveness, the Line Skis Tigersnake Skis are park and all-mountain ready snow sliders that can lay down some serious trickery backed up by their fuego graphics.
K2 Press
It's time to break a killer story - the K2 Press Skis have arrived, and they're shockingly sick! Part of the Factory Team series, the Press is like bread and butter to the daily park rider. K2 s Park Flex offers just the right mix of pop and playfulness and features a poppy aspen core fit for makin' headlines. Grab the K2 Press Skis, lace some laps through the park, and experience the fun and lively feel they're known for. These skis are far from fake news.
The SCRATCH PRO is an all-mountain freestyle ski for young, hard-charging freeskiers. Featuring the same technology and construction as the athlete-approved, competition-level Scratch; the Scratch Pro has shorter sizing and a more forgiving flex for progressing park and pipe skiers. Traditional camber and Mini Cap wood core construction provide the powerful edge-grip, shock absorption and enhanced durability for attacking park features and progressive all-mountain skiing. The Scratch Pro supplies lightweight, twin-tip agility and powerful performance so aspiring 10-14 year old freeskiers stomp the landing every time. 60% Park / 40% All Mountain Rec. Binding: LOOK NX 7 JR B83
Line Skis Honey Badger
$329.95 $399.95 18% Savings
The honey badger is a vicious, brave animal and can sustain unexpected rattle snake bites; they're friggin' tough and take life by the horns, and that's exactly how the Line Skis Honey Badger Skis should be ridden. Attack rails and pop natural features like a badger rippin' into a hornet's nest thanks to a poppy bamboo core and burly fatty edges. The 4D Fibercap construction only adds fire to the flame by further increasing the Honey Badger Skis' ability to sustain impacts and maintain their playful, responsive feel day after day.
Atomic Punx 5
Favoring butters and jibs over huge airs, the Atomic Punx 5 Skis feature cap sidewalls and more rocker than it's comp-tuned Punx 7 brother. A light woodcore provides the pop you need with a stable ride and consistent flex for confident landings. For a more laid back style that puts a premium on durability and creativity, the Atomic Punx 5 Skis are the setup you want for putting your own spin on the terrain park.
Line Skis Wallisch Shorty
LINE pro Tom Wallisch had to start somewhere, and our Shorty ski with his namesake will set your grom up for resort royalty, too. And approachable and affordable ski for the next King of Afterbang, the Tom Wallisch Shorty has a light and trusty all-aspen core topped with woven fiberglass that add durability without the heavy bulk.
K2 Sight
Line up some seriously fun park progression this year – whatever is within Sight is within reach. The K2 Sight is our ultra-accurate pipe ski, and it’ll take you up 22-foot walls or into big landings with fresh style. We’ve accented this ski’s energetic and easy-to-ski aspen core with hardware in the tip and tail for even better durability. Radius: 20m @ 179 Construction: Aspen Core Binding Options: Flat Features: Triaxial Brading | Twintech Sidewall | Tip & Tail Rivets | Swap Base Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker Dimensions: 118/85/109 Sizes Offered: 149, 159, 169, 179
Rossignol STORM
The STORM is a super-versatile, award-winning all-mountain freestyle twin. Traditional camber, Jib Tip and Mini Cap construction delivers increased power, shock absorption and enhanced durability for massive park hits and slopestyle courses. The 92mm mid-fat waist provides a stable platform for jibs and rails, a confident landing pad on the biggest airs, and increased float on powder days. Storm the mountain with the all-terrain, freestyle versatility for morning pow-shots or afternoon park laps. 50% Park / 50% All-Mountain Rec. Binding: LOOK PIVOT 12 DUAL WTR B95
Salomon TNT
Hold on to your expectations because the Salomon TNT Skis are about to blow 'em out of the water -- yeah, we just went there... In all seriousness though, the TNT Skis are a great park ski that you won't hesitate to rip around the rest of the mountain. Built with a symmetrical, full camber profile for easy carving both forward and back, a single layer of titanal for stability on spicy landings and XL edges to hold up to continuous rail bashing. Boost your skiing this season with the playful and versatile Salomon TNT Skis.
Armada B-Dog
$449.95 $549.95 18% Savings
The quiet Canadian killer, Phil Casabon, is known for his uncompromising dedication to pushing the limits of creative street skiing, and for such a lofty pursuit, he needs a tool that is up to the task. The Armada B-Dog Skis embody his vision. Featuring a buttery soft flex for pressing, shuffling, and smearing transitions, beefy 2.5 mm edges to withstand a season of rail bashing, and carbon Kevlar strut reinforcements, the B-Dog is your tried-and-true rail ski. Take to the streets or park and impart your own vision of skiing with the Armada B-Dog Skis.
Atomic Punx 7
Park skis so dialed they feel like you were born with 'em strapped to your feet. The Atomic Punx 7 Skis were built for comp laps through the park, with an early rise tip and tail for catch-free takeoffs and smooth butters, and a stomp sidecut to handle greasy landings. Topped off with Symmetrical Step Down sidewalls for durability and consistent flex life, the Atomic Punx 7 Skis are progressive park skis ready to send it as big as you heart desires.
With all of the innovative energy that Bioflex construction brings to its bigger sisters, the Remedy 92 has a more universal waist width, making it one of K2’s most widely-loved twin tip revolutionaries. Over hard pack, through the crud, and wherever you can find untouched powder stashes, the Remedy 92 is the lightweight, light-hearted companion you need to accomplish some Serious Fun this season. Radius: 15.5 @ 163 Construction: Bioflex Core Binding Options: Flat Features: Triaxial Braided | Tapered Tip & Tail | Swap Base | TwinTech Sidewalls Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker Dimensions: 124/92/118 Sizes Offered: 156, 163, 170
Rossignol SCRATCH
Our legendary, competition-level twin, the SCRATCH features an all-new, modern rocker profile and flex for more progressive freestyle performance. The athlete-approved, pipe and park-ready construction delivers smooth, easy spins, full-throttle boost and powerful edge-grip with a moderate tip and tail rocker for enhanced butter-ability. Rounder Jib Tip profiles and Mini Cap construction provide increased power, shock absorption and enhanced durability for massive park hits and slopestyle courses. Central to the progression of park and pipe skiing, the Scratch continues to define the evolution of freestyle. 90% Park / 10% All-Mountain Rec. Binding: LOOK PIVOT 14 DUAL WTR B95
Rossignol SLAT
The athlete-approved SLAT is a competition-level slopestyle ski that smears the line between powder and park. Auto Turn Rocker and Extended Sidecut combine for playful maneuverability, full-length edge grip and effortless speed control. Traditional camber underfoot provides confident stability combined with increased pop and shock absorption for sending and stomping the biggest park and urban hits. Whether competing in the park, attacking the urban landscape, or slashing first-tracks, the Slat is the new do-it-all ski for do-it-all athletes like Parker White and Chris Logan. 60% Park / 40% All-Mountain Rec. Binding: LOOK PIVOT 14 DUAL WTR B115
Salomon NFX
If hot laps through the park and massive airtime are your forte, then you'd be foolish to overlook the Salomon NFX Skis. Specially designed with a Jib Tech base, full sandwich sidewalls, and reinforced XL edges, the NFXs were built to sustain the brutal beatings of day-to-day park skiing. Cut with an agile 86 mm waist and a symmetrical twin tip shape, the fully cambered Salomon NFX Skis give you the precise and poppy performance you need to stomp tricks like the pros.
Armada BDOG
If you take the soft, buttery flex that everyone loves about the Edollo and place it in a narrower, lighter chassis, you've got the Armada BDog Skis. Designed to meet the demands of Phil Casabon's oh-so-saucy style, the BDog Skis embrace creativity like no other. In order to withstand the abuses of urban and park skiing, these skis feature extra beefy 2.5mm Impact Edges and resiliently 'poppy' carbon-Kevlar® struts running the length of the core. Be inspired, be creative and blaze your own stylistic trail with the Armada BDog Skis.
Featuring K2’s playful and versatile All Terrain Rocker, this big-mountain ski employs our women’s specific Bioflex core, combining the proven benefits of Konic technology with the female-favorite blend of lively paulownia and lightweight, resilient aspen in the core. Tried and proven by the women of our K2 Ski Alliance, you can trust that the Remedy 102 will hold up to whatever you throw down. Radius: 16m @170 Construction: Bioflex Core Binding Options: Flat Features: Triaxial Braided | Tapered Tip & Tail | Swap Base | TwinTech Sidewalls Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker Skin Type: Trim-to-Fit Dimensions: 131/102/125 Sizes Offered: 156, 163, 170
Armada EDollo
Swedish visionary Henrik Harlaut (aka E-Dollo) is a strong believer in the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (In Swedish, we think it's pronounced "Wu-Tang"...) That's why the the Armada Edollo Skis blast into 17/18 with a fresh new goblin topsheet but the same great construction that's made them a cult classic for 5 years running! From technical urban rails to smooth hip transfers and all the buttery goodness in between, the Edollo Skis were built for nothing short of a furious freestyle mountain assault. Ride the exact same sticks that make Henrik's style-heavy skiing possible and pick up the Armada Edollo Skis!
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