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Waxing Tools

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Swix  XC Ski Straps - Nordic
Handy XC ski straps to keep them together and protect your bases.
Swix  Cork Synthetic
Synthetic cork for hard wax (and powders)
Swix  XC Pro Ski Sleeves
Keep your skate and classic skis together like a pro, and protect your precious bases with these slip-on ski sleeves.
Swix  Cork Natural with Felt
Natural cork with felt, great for applying Cera F and buffing.
Swix  Cork Synthetic Racing
Synthetic model for corking in hard waxes.
Swix  Pencil Groove Scraper
A simple, but necessary tool for removing the wax out of your skis' groove.
Swix  XC Ski Straps - Alpine
Handy Alpine World Cup ski straps to keep them together and protect your bases. Takes skis up to 120mm wide.
Swix  Fiberlene Towel 20m
Fiberlene for efficient cleaning. Small 20m
Swix  Cork Synthetic with Sanding Block
Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper that's attached with Velcro. To be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax, or for the preparation of Zero base skis.
Swix  Sandpaper #40
40 grit Swix sandpaper for base prep, with Velcro to use with Swix Sanding Block T11
Swix  Sandpaper #60
60 grit Swix sandpaper for base prep, with Velcro to use with Swix Sanding Block T11
Swix  Fibertex Cleaning Pads
3 pack of Fibertex to be used before waxing to remove the oxidized layer to open the base.
Swix  Fibertex Deburring Pads
Fibertex pads for deburring purposes.
Swix  Fibertex Polishing Pads
White Fibertex for polishing
Swix  Steel Scraper
Strong steel scraper for ski prep.
Swix  Fiberlene Cleaning Towel 40m
Fiberlene cloth towel for efficient cleaning 40 m
Swix  Nylon White Brush T161
Nylon, all around rectangular brush.
Swix  Coarse Bronze Brush T158
A coarse bronze brush, with a row of softer nylon bristles around the edge that act as "sweepers" for wax particulars. Always used before each waxing to open the structure. Also can be used as a first brush after waxing.
Swix  Horsehair Brush Rectangular T157
A great second brush or all-around brush, especially for pure fluoro.
Swix  Bronze Brush Medium Rectangular
A great first brush to be used after scraping. Medium coarse bronze bristles, with an outside edge of nylon to act as sweepers.
Swix  Boar's Hair Brush T164
Rectangular Wild Boar Brush. A great second brush for pure fluoro top coats.
Swix  Roto Brush Horse Hair 100mm
Great initial brush for all waxes, regular or fluoro. (But don't use the same brush for both!)
Swix  Nordic Wall Thermometer
A great addition to your mountain cabin, and a perfect holiday gift for your favorite waxer. Shows which hard wax and klister to use for the temperature for a great day on the trails.
Swix  Structure Roller .75 Linear
Linear Roller .75mm for the Swix Structure Tool T0423
Swix  Structure Roller 1mm V
V-shape Roller 1mm for the Swix Structure Tool T0423
Swix  Economy Waxing Iron
Economy wax iron for all disciplines. Ergonomic handle and temperature adjustment wheel. Thick metal plate ensures a stable heating of the base.
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