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K2 Bright Lite

When the lights power up for a chilly night sesh, you’re going to be one of the few still running laps on the revamped K2 Bright Lite. This board was designed by the women of the K2 Snowboarding Alliance to take on unlimited all-day snow days. We’ve redistributed the volume in our signature Rhythm… [more]

K2 Carve Air

The K2 Enjoyers just earned their Masters in Advanced Partyboarding, and the Carve Air is the radical fruit of their labors. Revolutionary Volume Shift™ tech has unlocked surfier maneuverability than previously possible, and our Precision Lifted Baseline™ brings boarders to entirely unprecedented… [more]

K2 Cool Bean

The purpose of life? Enjoy it – that’s the Cool Bean’s philosophy. The K2 Enjoyers believe we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible on a snowboard, and the Cool Bean’s Volume Shift™ is one big step forward: shorter, wider, and with an innovative swallow-like tail. These attributes give… [more]

K2 Eighty Seven

In 1987, K2 rallied the most innovative and fun-seeking snowboarders to help revolutionize the sport. The Eighty Seven is our tribute to the legends that got us to where we are today, and our commitment to enjoying life even more tomorrow. The Eighty Seven takes timeless surf vibes all over the… [more]

K2 Fastplant

Hard-hitting. Durable. Super fun. K2 built the Fastplant with season after season of park parties in mind. We’ve equipped this board with a full-force Bambooyah™ core – that’s the one that comes with a 5-year warranty. Using the fastest natural base material available, the K2 Fastplant is… [more]

K2 Fastplant Grom

The Fastplant Grom was built for the next generation of rippers who are already pushing full-size freestyle progression. Our ultra-durable and easily-repairable Sintered Base reinforces our playful-yet-precise Freestyle Baseline™ construction, complete with new Tweekend™ tip and tail that deliver… [more]

K2 First Lite

You’ll never forget the first day you finally got your act together and picked up a snowboard – just make sure it’s the K2 First Lite. This full wood core delivers feel-good flex and board feel, and our Catch-Free Baseline™ will initiate turns with ease. It’s the perfect platform for quick… [more]

K2 Happy Hour

It all started with Happy Hour five years ago! The K2 Happy Hour has the active feel of true camber in a unique, grabby stabby freestyle twin shape. A Precision Lifted Baseline™ with smooth, Tweekend™ tips that pull the rocker all the way to the ends of the board brings predictability and better… [more]

K2 Joy Driver

The sharpest tool for the shred, the K2 Joy Driver is the brainchild of K2 pro Lucas DeBari. This deck uses Inked Glass™ – a breakthrough in graphic processing that’s years in the making and shaves 10% off the entire board weight. The Joy Driver’s Bambooyah™ core is so durable we’ve slapped a… [more]

K2 Kandi

Whether your grom is just starting out or quickly learning to lead the pack, the K2 Kandi is the perfect stick. Just like the boys’ Vandal, the Kandi uses a blend of Catch-Free and Freestyle Baseline™ constructions, a fast and easy-to-repair extruded base, and a true twin shape that promotes… [more]

K2 Lil' Kandi

K2’s Noodle Construction™ is our patented design tailored to the weight and size of next-gen resort rippers. While some companies simply shrink and pink standard boards, the Lil’ Kandi offers fine-tuned flex with a smooth Catch-Free Baseline™ and a classic true twin shape that promote quick… [more]

K2 Lime Lite

The K2 Snowboarding Alliance is all about showing what lady shredders are made of, and the K2 Lime Lite is your ticket to leveling up. We’ve reconfigured the volume in this women’s-specific Rhythm Core™ to reduce swing weight and improve edge-to-edge control so you can focus on quick trick… [more]

K2 Mini Turbo

K2’s Noodle™ core construction is our patented design tailored to the weight and size of next-gen rippers. Some companies simply shrink and soften standard boards, but the K2 Mini Turbo offers fine-tuned flex with a smooth Catch-Free Baseline™ and a classic true twin shape that promotes quick… [more]

K2 Party Platter

Chopping 7-10cm from your standard snowboard size, the all-new K2 Party Platter carries a hot new vision of freestyle right out the oven and onto the hill. Never-before-seen Volume Shift™ tech delivers a surfier feel and better maneuverability than ever and a versatile all-terrain rocker with… [more]

K2 Raygun

Our three-time TransWorld Good Wood Award winner, the K2 Raygun will blast through any terrain with float, pop, and speed. ICG Glass™ construction infuses carbon into this already poppy wood core for an even more active feel and directional power. A medium rise through the tip and low rise through… [more]

K2 Spot Lite

Our most precision-driven board designed by the K2 Snowboarding Alliance, the Spot Lite is poised to achieve personal bests from park to peak. Its Precision Lifted Baseline™ delivers all-terrain versatility with smooth, blended tips and a raised mid-section for that active camber feel – packed for… [more]

K2 Standard

At K2, Standard is not average. The K2 Standard has an energetic full wood core and Catch-Free Baseline™ for a board that initiates turns and carries on our brand’s legacy with ease. K2-patented Hybritech™ construction is the most efficient way to build a snowboard without sacrificing an ounce of… [more]

K2 Subculture

The Subculture honors classic, all-mountain snowboarding but isn’t afraid to speak its mind. The K2 team has added a Precision Lifted Baseline™ to a fast and powerful 4000 Sintered base to achieve an active camber feel wherever your mountain musings take you. A carbon-boosted Ollie Bar™ in the… [more]

K2 Turbo Dream

The K2 Turbo Dream is your powder-stomping quiver-of-one with smooth Tweekend™ tip and tail rounding out our all-terrain rocker to deliver more ride-able surface area, better float, and smoother predictability. Optimized to match K2’s industry-leading Baseline™ technology, we’ve built an all-new… [more]

K2 Ultra Dream

The K2 Ultra Dream brings a maneuverable rocker feel and smooth predictability into any terrain. We use a Bambooyah™ blend in this skate-inspired, horizontally laminated core with K2’s signature Honeykomb™ tech to deliver durable, lightweight performance through the deepest powder pockets. We’ve… [more]

K2 Vandal

Whether your grom is just starting out or quickly learning to lead the pack, the Vandal is the perfect stick. A blend of Catch-Free and Freestyle Baseline™ construction, the Vandal has a fast and easy-to-repair extruded base and true twin shape that promote progressive carving on corduroy. Equip… [more]

K2 Wildheart

At K2, we say yes to wild ideas because we know they come from a wild love for the mountain. The Wildheart was designed by women for women who dive heart-first into any and all terrain. The K2 Snowboarding Alliance has configured our women’s-specific Rhythm Core™ to reduce swing weight and deliver… [more]

Rome Blackjack Snowboard

Whether you're an ace or bring forth the buku bucks for bankroll, the Rome BlackJack Snowboard is the perfect trick to ensure you're winner. This freestyle-infused board brings all or nothing to the entire mountain. Its Contact Camber shape is incredibly poppy and easily pressable. A single barrel,… [more]

Rome Blur Snowboard

Woo-hoo! The Rome Blur Snowboard has returned to continue its job of providing incredible camber calibrations, impeccable swiftness, and exhilarating accuracy. Its directional shape keeps you in control so that when you find your line you'll be ready for take off. Its lightweight AirPop Core keeps… [more]

Rome Gang Plank Snowboard

Remember when the internet was littered with photographs of people stiffening up their entire body and emulating a plank of wood, ie. planking? Stemming from the same goal of perfecting a flat line, the Rome Gang Plank Snowboard is prepared to impress you and your posse with the versatility of its… [more]

Rome Heist Snowboard Women's

The Rome Heist Snowboard is the perfect tool to help steal away bluebird days on the mountain. With rocker creating the smooth turn engagement along with the snap and stability of the camber, this MTNPop Rocker 2.0 Camber shaped board is the perfect for all-mountain adventures by keeping you… [more]

Rome Kashmir Snowboard

The epitome of perfection, Rome Kashmir Snowboard brings all-mountain riding abilities to any woman-warrior of winter. Its true twin shape and flex pattern make pressing in the park incredibly comfortable and essential when it comes to swooping through a glade full of trees. The use of Contact… [more]

Rome Mechanic Snowboard

You're new to the sport and you're looking for the right tool to increase your ability level, lucky for you, the Rome Mechanic Snowboard exists. Its FreePop Rocker Camber is flat at its center with rocker in the tip and tail for complete versatility, allowing you to explore the entire mountain and… [more]

Rome Minishred

Your young ripper doesn't want a board that keeps them stuck on the bunny hill. The Rome Minishred Board Snowboard will help them progress past the rest and learn skills that adult riders have mastered. Its True Twin Shape and NoHang-Ups Rocker are nimble, exciting, and will get your little grom… [more]

Rome Mod RK1 Stale Snowboard

There's a group or riders out there who demand camber in their boards for responsive and pop-filled technical riding. If you're one of those riders, the Rome Mod RK1 Stale Snowboard is a necessary addition to your quiver. With a combination of laminates like Zylon and Carbon designed to produce pop… [more]

53 Results
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