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Armada ARV 84

In effort to propel the up and coming generation of shredders, we introduce the tweener-sized Armada ARV 84 Skis. Leveraging the same versatile footprint that's made the full-size ARV collection such a smashing success, these ARV 84 Skis are a nearly fool-proof choice for young skiers looking to… [more]

Armada ARW 84

From the peak to the park, the Armada ARW 84 Skis give you the means to ski as creatively as your heart desires. A twin tip design combined with a lightweight Pop-Lite core and full camber underfoot make the ARW 84 a super poppy ski that provides precise control to riders in a wide range of… [more]

Armada ARW 86

New for the 16/17 season, the Armada ARW 86 Skis are the latest and greatest in freestyle, all-mountain skis. Constructed with AR Freestyle Rocker, an agile Pop-Lite core, durable AR50 sidewalls, and an S7 base, the ARW 86s carry you effortlessly from the park to the groomers to the back bowls, and… [more]

Armada BDOG

If you take the soft, buttery flex that everyone loves about the Edollo and place it in a narrower, lighter chassis, you've got the Armada BDog Skis. Designed to meet the demands of Phil Casabon's oh-so-saucy style, the BDog Skis embrace creativity like no other. In order to withstand the abuses of… [more]

Armada EDollo

Swedish visionary Henrik Harlaut (aka E-Dollo) is a strong believer in the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (In Swedish, we think it's pronounced "Wu-Tang"...) That's why the the Armada Edollo Skis blast into 17/18 with a fresh new goblin topsheet but the same great construction that's… [more]

Atomic Punx 5

Favoring butters and jibs over huge airs, the Atomic Punx 5 Skis feature cap sidewalls and more rocker than it's comp-tuned Punx 7 brother. A light woodcore provides the pop you need with a stable ride and consistent flex for confident landings. For a more laid back style that puts a premium on… [more]

Atomic Punx 7

Park skis so dialed they feel like you were born with 'em strapped to your feet. The Atomic Punx 7 Skis were built for comp laps through the park, with an early rise tip and tail for catch-free takeoffs and smooth butters, and a stomp sidecut to handle greasy landings. Topped off with Symmetrical… [more]

Atomic Punx Jr II

Future rippers of the universe unite, jump on the Atomic Punx Jr II Skis, and take control of the slopes! Light, forgiving and born to pop and turn, the Punx Jr II are the perfect skis for young skiers destined for freestyle glory. [more]

Atomic Punx JR. III Skis

Future rippers of the universe unite, jump on the Atomic Punx Jr III Skis, and take control of the slopes! Light, forgiving and born to pop and turn, the Punx Jr III are the perfect skis for young skiers destined for freestyle glory. [more]

K2 Empress

A twin tip tool designed to take your park skills to the next level, the K2 Empress is the real princess of pop. Our Jib Rocker is built to enhance ollie power to help your style stand out, and we’ve added extra hardware in the tip and tail – not to mention a symmetrical, park-specific flex – to… [more]


From its clean-edged graphics to its modern asymmetrical construction, the K2 Marksman adds a dash of class to any park party. Forged under the eye of K2 Factory Team leader Pep Fujas, this all-terrain slashing ski reflects its maker by integrating innovative style and maneuverability. Asymmetrical… [more]


The ever-popular K2 MissConduct has established itself in the park, pipe, and freestyle worlds as a full-blown party in your ski boots. A no-nonsense aspen core wrapped in our signature Triaxal Braiding and TwinTech sidewalls delivers both the grace and durability you need to make a statement in… [more]


The Poacher is a celebration of 20 years of K2 athlete-inspired innovation. A Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan collaboration, the K2 Poacher is our flagship tool of choice to poach the streets, icy park, or spring slush. A durable freestyle player both in the park and beyond, this stick has a Carbon… [more]

K2 Poacher Jr. - Boys

Capable of bopping through the park, popping off side hits and speeding over corduroy, the freestyle-savvy K2 Poacher Jr. Skis are as versatile and excitable as he is. Set up with a damp and smooth flexing aspen core and durable cap construction, your kiddo is in good hands with this playful set of… [more]

K2 Press

The K2 Press packs more pop and ollie power into an affordable model, built for the emerging park skier. We’ve put our signature Triaxal Braiding to work in a unique Park Flex pattern alongside a naturally easy-to-ski aspen core, and this ski’s cap construction offers a bit more forgiveness and a… [more]

K2 Press

It's time to break a killer story - the K2 Press Skis have arrived, and they're shockingly sick! Part of the Factory Team series, the Press is like bread and butter to the daily park rider. K2 s Park Flex offers just the right mix of pop and playfulness and features a poppy aspen core fit for… [more]


Featuring K2’s playful and versatile All Terrain Rocker, this big-mountain ski employs our women’s specific Bioflex core, combining the proven benefits of Konic technology with the female-favorite blend of lively paulownia and lightweight, resilient aspen in the core. Tried and proven by the women… [more]


With all of the innovative energy that Bioflex construction brings to its bigger sisters, the Remedy 92 has a more universal waist width, making it one of K2’s most widely-loved twin tip revolutionaries. Over hard pack, through the crud, and wherever you can find untouched powder stashes, the… [more]

K2 Sight

Line up some seriously fun park progression this year – whatever is within Sight is within reach. The K2 Sight is our ultra-accurate pipe ski, and it’ll take you up 22-foot walls or into big landings with fresh style. We’ve accented this ski’s energetic and easy-to-ski aspen core with hardware in… [more]

Line Skis Blend

The LINE Blend is a freestyle ski with not an ounce of emotional baggage. A wide platform and a forgiving flex make this ski a buttery toy that helps you press, jump, spin, and just get more creative with your skiing. LINE pro Will Wesson uses the Blend as his go-everywhere and do-everything… [more]

Line Skis Chronic

You don’t even need to read this. We know that you know that LJ Strenio knows that everybody knows that Strenio’s LINE Chronic is the original freestyle ski that sets the standard for the rest of them. Its Fatty™ base and edge pack 30% thicker P-Tex and steel for a more durable punch, and its… [more]

Line Skis Gizmo

Your excitable little shredder needs a pair of skis that matches their gusto like the Line Skis Gizmo Skis. Twin-tipped with a symmetric Flex™ and light yet damp Aspen wood core, they'll be able to ski forward and switch with ease while learning solid mechanics thanks to a fully cambered… [more]

Line Skis Honey Badger

Khai Krepela is bringing new blood to the LINE pro team, and he's already picked the brand-new Honey Badger as his tool-of-choice because… well, it just don’t give a sh*t. Designed by LINE to be tough as nails with a classic bamboo core and 4D Fibercap™ fiberglass construction, this spunky park ski… [more]

Line Skis Honey Badger

The honey badger is a vicious, brave animal and can sustain unexpected rattle snake bites; they're friggin' tough and take life by the horns, and that's exactly how the Line Skis Honey Badger Skis should be ridden. Attack rails and pop natural features like a badger rippin' into a hornet's nest… [more]

Line Skis Honey Bee

The answer to your all-mountain freestyle needs, the Line Honey Bee Skis were built on the Honey Badger chassis to fill the need for a lady's playful and park friendly setup. Tough as nails and crafted with affordability in mind, these skis are great for ladies looking to stick to one pair of skis… [more]

Line Skis Tigersnake

The award-winning LINE Tigersnake is your ticket for slipping through trees and pouncing off jumps this season without going bankrupt. Designed by LINE pro Andy Parry and our expert engineerds using real experience and real math, the Tigersnake is the most thoughtfully tech-filled and lightest… [more]

Line Skis Tigersnake

The Line Skis Tigersnake Skis may look intimidating, but it's mostly for show. These freestyle-friendly skis are ultra-accessible and easy to ride, perfect for progressing riders and seasoned vets alike. At 88 underfoot, they're slick as a serpent - quick to edge and a blast on rails, boxes and… [more]

Line Skis Tom Wallisch Pro

This is LINE pro Tom Wallisch’s ski. It goes wherever Tom goes. On trails, on rails, off jumps, through bumps, on wall rides and long car rides, on airplanes, on chairlifts, on podiums, on quad kinks… you get the picture. Tom packed these skis with slight Early Rise™ and Early Taper ™ that work… [more]

Line Skis Tom Wallisch Pro

Tom Wallisch. Tad Wallnuts. Tommy Walliby. The international man of mystery and freestyle skiing demi-god's pro model setup enters its second season with a slight rocker profile update but remains largely unchanged for destroying urban rails, gettin' boosted and sessioning comp pipes alike. The… [more]

Line Skis Wallisch Shorty

LINE pro Tom Wallisch had to start somewhere, and our Shorty ski with his namesake will set your grom up for resort royalty, too. And approachable and affordable ski for the next King of Afterbang, the Tom Wallisch Shorty has a light and trusty all-aspen core topped with woven fiberglass that add… [more]

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