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Armada ARV 106

Whether you're stepping out a massive cornice drop, dropping into the park for a lap or two, or merely out with the boys ripping pow in the trees, the Armada ARV 106 Skis will soon be your weapon of choice. Armada designed the AR Freestyle Rocker to offer a poppy chassis with a healthy dose of… [more]

Armada ARV 106

The Armada ARV 106 Skis are the ultimate daily driver when it comes to more surfy all-mountain freestyle skis. A playful Pop-Lite core is enhanced with the responsive "springiness" and longevity of carbon-Kevlar® struts which strikes a dreamy balance of lightweight performance. Perfect for slaying… [more]

Armada ARV 116 JJ

The third generation of the cult-classic JJ has arrived by way of the Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis! How do you improve on what's already one of the most prolific powder skis in the game? A culmination of feedback from the first 2 iterations of JJs has led Armada to move the contact point behind the ski's… [more]

Armada ARV 84

In effort to propel the up and coming generation of shredders, we introduce the tweener-sized Armada ARV 84 Skis. Leveraging the same versatile footprint that's made the full-size ARV collection such a smashing success, these ARV 84 Skis are a nearly fool-proof choice for young skiers looking to… [more]

Armada ARV 86

The Armada ARV 86 Skis are the narrowest ski in the ARV lineup, which allows for incredible edge control and low swing weight for park-crushing performance. A true twin tip weapon, the ARV 86 Skis give you the confidence to ride switch, spin fast, and get creative on features without worrying about… [more]

Armada ARV 96

Don't be limited to the jumps and rails; turn the whole mountain into your park on the Armada ARV 96 Skis. Featuring AR Freestyle Rocker, a pop-lite core, and carbon Kevlar reinforcement, the ARV 96 is a go-anywhere, air-everything, riot that screams good time. Surf your way through the wall hits,… [more]

Armada ARV 96

Every skier needs that one weapon in their arsenal that they can turn to in between major storm cycles - if you have the Armada ARV 96 Skis at your disposal, you'll never be disappointed. Narrow enough to provide precision control through the park yet wide enough to ski virtually anything else… [more]

Armada ARW 84

Maybe you're getting into park skiing, or perhaps you've been pushing your personal boundaries for a couple of seasons now. Wherever you might fall along the spectrum, finding park skis can be a frustrating process -- with the Armada ARw 84 Skis, it doesn't have to be. Featuring a full wood core,… [more]

Armada ARW 84

From the peak to the park, the Armada ARW 84 Skis give you the means to ski as creatively as your heart desires. A twin tip design combined with a lightweight Pop-Lite core and full camber underfoot make the ARW 84 a super poppy ski that provides precise control to riders in a wide range of… [more]

Armada ARW 86

New for the 16/17 season, the Armada ARW 86 Skis are the latest and greatest in freestyle, all-mountain skis. Constructed with AR Freestyle Rocker, an agile Pop-Lite core, durable AR50 sidewalls, and an S7 base, the ARW 86s carry you effortlessly from the park to the groomers to the back bowls, and… [more]

Armada ARW 86

The Armada ARW 86 Skis are the lightest, softest and most playful skis in the women's specific ARW family. Born to butter and jib around the whole mountain, these slippery sticks are a creative park skier's dream come true and their true twin shape allows you to ski and land switch confidently.… [more]

Armada ARW 96

Why limit yourself to the park when you can make the whole mountain your playground? New for the 16/17 season, the Armada ARW 96 Skis are the versatile, everyday ski you're gonna want in your quiver. Designed with an AR Freestyle Rocker for charging through variable snow plus Spin Tips and a… [more]

Armada ARW 96

From jumps, to jibs, to popping off rollers and moguls, the Armada ARW 96 Skis can ride it all with a fun and playful feel. A true twin shape and AR Freestyle rocker profile make these skis equally responsive riding forward or switch, while the lightweight Pop-Lite core and Carbon-Kevlar struts… [more]


As your little guy starts progressing beyond the bunny hills, he's going to want to be able to keep up with his brothers and above all, you. But if you're gonna let Junior tag along, he better have the tools to keep up. With a soft flex, a tight turn radius, and a composite core, the Armada Bantam… [more]

Armada Bantam

The reality of the matter is that your little man's first few trips to the mountain leave a lasting impression, so mount up the Armada Bantam Skis and kick-start his passion. Offering easy control with a short turn radius and classic camber underfoot, the Bantam Skis perform every bit as well as… [more]

Armada BDOG

If you take the soft, buttery flex that everyone loves about the Edollo and place it in a narrower, lighter chassis, you've got the Armada BDog Skis. Designed to meet the demands of Phil Casabon's oh-so-saucy style, the BDog Skis embrace creativity like no other. In order to withstand the abuses of… [more]


For years, your options for backcountry travel have fallen into two categories: uphill priority and downhill priority. For many of us, sacrificing uphill performance for a solid, hard charging, slash heavy experience on the way down was worth the slog. But then skis like the Armada Declivity hit… [more]

Armada EDollo

Swedish visionary Henrik Harlaut (aka E-Dollo) is a strong believer in the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (In Swedish, we think it's pronounced "Wu-Tang"...) That's why the the Armada Edollo Skis blast into 17/18 with a fresh new goblin topsheet but the same great construction that's… [more]

Armada INVICTUS 108 TI

Line it up straight, pin 'er all the way through, and turn things up to 11 on the Armada Invictus 108 Ti Skis. Rocking two sheets of metal, carbon/kevlar stringers tip to tail, and a longer 26m radius, this ski is meant to do one thing: Go Fast. Drop everyone on the traverse track, crank the Styx,… [more]

Armada Invictus 108 TI

Back for their sophomore year, the Armada Invictus 108 Ti Skis are lighter and more lively than the originals. Combining a stiff Power-Lite core with the dampening benefits of dual-layer Titanal, the Invictus 108 Ti Skis are partial to steep lines and high speeds. Charge through chunder, hit drops… [more]

Armada INVICTUS 85

Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from back in the day? You would have all these options in a given situation, and usually one lead to death, another to being marooned on a desert island, and one lead to, well, adventure. The Armada Invictus 85 Skis are kind of like those books,… [more]

Armada Invictus 85

As the narrowest and most forgiving ski in the Invictus lineup, the Armada Invictus 85 Skis let you navigate moguls and explore the full extent of the mountain with quick and nimble control. Lightweight thanks to a Power-Lite core and Carbon Kevlar Struts for snap, along with a dab of nose rocker… [more]


Maybe it's late March and it hasn't snowed in a week and a half. Maybe it's early December, and winter hasn't fully showed up yet. Or maybe it's January, and that oh-so-typical high pressure system has parked itself over the West, and conditions have gone from firm to glacial. Whatever the… [more]

Armada Invictus 89 TI

When it comes to skiing fast, laying trenches in the wake of your turns, and plowing through variable snow conditions, few skis do it better than the Armada Invictus 89 Ti Skis. Leveraging their AR Nose Rocker profile for easier turn initiation and confidence-inspiring edge hold on hardpack, the… [more]

Armada INVICTUS 95

The Armada Invictus 95 Skis harness that same energy and power of their Titanal infused brothers, but ditch the two sheets of metal to create a more playful, engaging feel -- which isn't a bad thing. For skiers looking for a lighter, less demanding ride, the Invictus 95 is your ticket to freedom.… [more]

Armada Invictus 95

The Armada Invictus 95 Skis harness the same energy and power of their Titanal-infused brothers (Invictus Ti) but ditch the two sheets of metal to create a more playful, engaging feel. For lighter weight skiers and/or riders looking for all-mountain skis that are less demanding to ride, these skis… [more]


Taking nods from its bigger brother (the Invictus 108 Ti), the all-new, scaled down Armada Invictus 99 Ti Skis are designed for one very specific type of skiing: going faster than you ever thought possible. Ringing in at a manageable 99 mm underfoot, and an average-sized turn radius of 21.5 m in… [more]

Armada Invictus 99 TI

Back for their second year of all-mountain domination, the 2017/2018 Armada Invictus 99 Ti Skis feature an overhauled core construction that's even lighter and more lively than their award-winning predecessor. To achieve this, Armada has integrated the Titanal laminate with a new Intelligrid Mesh.… [more]

Armada JJ 2.0

Send those cat track jumps, dive into your hidden pillow stash, and open it up on the bigger faces on the Armada JJ 2.0 Skis. The ski that cemented Armada as a major player in the field of freestyle pow skis is back yet again with a 117 mm waist (at 185 cm length), its signature aggressive taper,… [more]

Armada KIRTI

Start your little one off on the right path with the Armada Kirti Skis. A soft, consistent flex is paired with a short turn radius to create an active skiing experience that lends itself to development and progression. If your little girl is dead set on progressing beyond the groomers and yearns to… [more]

291 Results
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