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Line Skis Pollard's Paintbrush

Artist and athlete Eric Pollard fused backcountry versatility with one of his classic pieces to create the Line Skis Pollard's Paintbrush Ski Poles. Adjustable aluminum shafts make the Paintbrush Poles ideal for both backcountry and all-mountain use, while the BMX-style grips and velcro straps set… [more]

Armada Ak Adjustable

Adjustable poles are the truth and the Armada AK Adjustable Ski Poles prove why. Whether you're inbounds ripping lift laps with your buddies or trudging deep into the backcountry, the huge 86-140 cm adjustment range lets you achieve an optimal length. If you're looking to enter the league of… [more]

Armada Carbon T.L. Adjustable

So let us get this straight... You've got an ultra lightweight touring setup, you've cut off the handle of your toothbrush, and your 3L outerwear kit weights in at less than 1000 grams, yet you're still lugging those traditional aluminum ski poles with you on tours? It's about time you graduated to… [more]

3 Results