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Waxing Tools

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Swix Boar's Hair Brush T164

Rectangular Wild Boar Brush. A great second brush for pure fluoro top coats. [more]

Swix Bronze Brush Medium Rectangular

A great first brush to be used after scraping. Medium coarse bronze bristles, with an outside edge of nylon to act as sweepers. [more]

Swix Coarse Bronze Brush T158

A coarse bronze brush, with a row of softer nylon bristles around the edge that act as "sweepers" for wax particulars. Always used before each waxing to open the structure. Also can be used as a first brush after waxing. [more]

Swix Cork Natural with Felt

Natural cork with felt, great for applying Cera F and buffing. [more]

Swix Cork Synthetic

Synthetic cork for hard wax (and powders) [more]

Swix Cork Synthetic Racing

Synthetic model for corking in hard waxes. [more]

Swix Cork Synthetic with Sanding Block

Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper that's attached with Velcro. To be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax, or for the preparation of Zero base skis. [more]

Swix Economy Waxing Iron

Economy wax iron for all disciplines. Ergonomic handle and temperature adjustment wheel. Thick metal plate ensures a stable heating of the base. [more]

Swix Fiberlene Cleaning Towel 40m

Fiberlene cloth towel for efficient cleaning 40 m [more]

Swix Fiberlene Towel 20m

Fiberlene for efficient cleaning. Small 20m [more]

Swix Fibertex Cleaning Pads

3 pack of Fibertex to be used before waxing to remove the oxidized layer to open the base. [more]

Swix Fibertex Deburring Pads

Fibertex pads for deburring purposes. [more]

Swix Fibertex Polishing Pads

White Fibertex for polishing [more]

Swix Horsehair Brush Rectangular T157

A great second brush or all-around brush, especially for pure fluoro. [more]

Swix Legs for Waxing Profile

Folding legs for Swix's T0793 waxing profile. Great set up for travel. [more]

Swix Nordic Wall Thermometer

A great addition to your mountain cabin, and a perfect holiday gift for your favorite waxer. Shows which hard wax and klister to use for the temperature for a great day on the trails. [more]

Swix Nylon White Brush T161

Nylon, all around rectangular brush. [more]

Swix Pencil Groove Scraper

A simple, but necessary tool for removing the wax out of your skis' groove. [more]

Swix Performance Waxing Iron

Performance-oriented wax iron with 8mm plate for stable temperature, and manual choice of temperature by an adjustment wheel. [more]

Swix Roto Brush Horse Hair 100mm

Great initial brush for all waxes, regular or fluoro. (But don't use the same brush for both!) [more]

Swix Sandpaper #40

40 grit Swix sandpaper for base prep, with Velcro to use with Swix Sanding Block T11 [more]

Swix Sandpaper #60

60 grit Swix sandpaper for base prep, with Velcro to use with Swix Sanding Block T11 [more]

Swix Sport Structure Roller

A great consumer-friendly Structure Tool for easy rolling. It's an economic and practical alternative to expensive hand milled specialty tools, and delivers a great imprint that will disappear after relaxing. Comes with standard broken .5mm V-roller. [more]

Swix Sport Waxing Iron

Sport Waxing iron for reliable temperature control and standard iron plate. [more]

Swix Steel Brush Rectangular T179

Use as the first brush on wax after scraping, 5-6 strokes. High quality steel bristles that really open up your skis structure. [more]

Swix Steel Scraper

Strong steel scraper for ski prep. [more]

37 Results
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