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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

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Feature Items

Swix CH4 Green -10C/-32C, 60g

Product#: CH004-6 -10ºC to -32ºC (14ºF to -25ºF). CH4 is slightly harder than HF4 and LF4. Can be used alone or mixed with other LF or HF waxes to increase durability on aggressive snow. In dry conditions can it be used up to -5ºC. (Is often used alone in World Cup Racing.) Should be scraped while… [more]

Swix UR6 Blue Bio Racing Wax, 60g

Product#: UR6-6 Bio degradable. -10°C to -20°C (14°F to -4°F). [more]

Tubbs Xplore 30

The best way to start snowshoeing! The Tubbs Xplore snowshoe is the lightweight, easy-to-use answer for the value-conscious customer wanting to experience the great sport of snowshoeing. The intuitive single forefoot strap of the QuickPull binding cinches easily and unlocks with one buckle push. [more]

Swix TA3001 Edge sharpener, pocket

Product#: TA3001 Pocket size Side edge and Base edge Sharpener in one tool. File side edge 88 and 89 degrees, and base edge 0.5 and 1 degrees. [more]

Swix CH12 Combi, 60g

Product#: CH012-6 Combi-package that contains CH6 Blue 20 g, CH7 Violet 20 g, and CH8 Red 20 g. [more]

Swix I84 Cleaner,Fuoro Glidewax, 150m

Product#: I0084-150 Cleaner for fluoro glide wax and CH wax. Improves glide and conditions the base. For glide sections only on all racing skis and snowboards. • Involves no hard mechanical treatment of the base. • No wearing of the stone grind pattern in the ski base. • Makes the ski faster! 150… [more]

Hot Chillys Women's La Montana Panel Zip-T

La Montana Men's Panel Zip-T ultra soft, two sided fleece that stretches and moves with you. Our warmest base layer providing excellent moisture management and warmth in a low bulk comfortable garment. Moisture transport to keep skin dry and to promote warmth, Bio Del Mar Antimicrobial polyester… [more]

Swix LF10 Yellow 0C/+10C, 180g

Product#: LF010-18 +10ºC to 0ºC (50ºF to 32ºF). For very wet conditions. Also good for base preparation and to protect the bases when traveling. The snow is often dirty at the temperatures calling for LF10, therefore an overlayer of Cera F FC10 is recommended. Recommended iron temperature setting… [more]

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Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell
$13.35 - $13.38

The Mirrycle Jellibell is a fun way to let pedestrians and other riders know you're coming! The Jellibell has a see-through top so you can see the gears spin as it rings. It's weatherproof, too! [more]

Swix CH6 Blue -6C/-12C, 60g

Product#: CH006-6 -6ºC to -12ºC (21ºF to 10ºF). For common cold conditions. Contains also some synthetic wax, which makes it durable in aggressive snow. Good training wax alone. It offers good glide plus base protection at an economical price. Recommended iron temperature setting of 140ºC. [more]

Swix T268 Fibertex no abrasive

Product#: T0268 For polishing after waxing and brushing. 110 mm x 150 mm. 3 pads. [more]

Swix U60 Universal Wax, 60g

Product#: U60 White. Bio degradable. Universal hydrocarbon wax for all skis and snowboards. [more]

Thule Airscreen

This stylish accessory helps air to flow over the bars for better aerodynamics and a quieter ride. [more]

Swix CH10 Yellow 0C/+10C, 180g

Product#: CH010-18 +10ºC to 0ºC (50ºF to 32ºF). For very wet, saturated snow. This is the Worlds most frequently used wax for base prep/saturation and as travel wax for warm skis. Recommended iron temperature setting of 110ºC. [more]

Swix CH6 Blue -6C/-12C, 180g

Product#: CH006-18 -6ºC to -12ºC (21ºF to 10ºF). For common cold conditions. Contains also some synthetic wax, which makes it durable in aggressive snow. Good training wax alone. It offers good glide plus base protection at an economical price. Recommended iron temperature setting of 140ºC. [more]

Thule Snowpack
$219.95 - $249.95

Sleek, aerodynamic ski carrier with vertical spring system and different height feet for all types of skis and snowboards. - Low profile for improved aerodynamics - Smart vertical spring system adjusts to accommodate all thicknesses of skis and reduces the carrier height when unloaded - Two sets of… [more]

Swix Fine Diamond Stone 600

Product#: TAA600S For final steel edge polishing on skis and snowboards. [more]

Hot Chillys Men's La Montana Panel Zip-T

Features signature Hot Chilly's logo elastic w/ plush back for comfort at waist - Moisture transfer fiber gusset eases movement and reduces seam bulk - Flat seam construction reduces bulk & abrasion [more]

Swix CH7 Violet -2C/-8C,60g

Product#: CH007-6 -2ºC to -8ºC (28ºF to 18ºF). CH7 is a good general purpose pre-wax and travel wax because its range for use falls in the middle of the Cera Nova system. CH7 makes a good base bonding wax for either warmer or colder waxes applied later. For summer and glacier skiing and riding it… [more]

Thule KIT1775 For 480 & 480R Foot Packs

Traverse fitting kit required for perfect fit of the roof rack to a specific car. Compatible with Thule Traverse 480 and 480R Feet only. [more]

Swix Medium Coarse Diamond 400

Product#: TAA400S 400 grit. 2nd in your must have diamonds to maintain a smooth and sharp edge. Starts to bring out that high polish shine. [more]

Tubbs Flex Jr Boys

Coming in at 17" and designed for kids 6-10 years old, the new Flex Jr brings the award winning FLEX Tail design to kids. Traction Rails with rounded corners give kids safe, go-anywhere grip, and a simple ratchet binding - designed to fit junior size 11 to men's size 6 boots. [more]

Swix CH8 Red +1C/-4C, 180g

Product#: CH008-18 +1ºC to -4ºC (34ºF to 25ºF). A very good, reliable and economical racing wax, as well as a general base prep wax and travel wax for “cold” skis. Recommended iron temperature setting of 120ºC. [more]

Swix T995 X-hard rubber stone

Product#: T0995 Extra hard gummy. Used after filing to removemicro burrs. Makes the steel edges more durable. [more]